How to use and where to find them!

Truth is, we LOVE our site... we have put a lot of work into it. But none of that matters if no one can figure out how to use it, right?
Luckily for us both, the site is extrememly easy to use.... simple, powerful and loaded with valuable tools and tips!
So let's get started, this quick tutorial will only take a few minutes at most and will make your experience a great one.


To open up the Navigation Menu (full of goodies), click on the "Hamburger Icon" on the top left of the site. This will allow access to the Menu Options including Buyer and Seller Tools.


Here is where you can access all of your Personal Items... such as Saved Listings, Saved Searches, Direct Messages with our team and Profile Settings.


As soon as you open the Dashboard, it will default to "Listings"... Here you can view your Favorite Listings, Listings our Team has Recommended, as well as your Recently Viewed. Same setup for Saved Searches!


This Feature allows you to message our team directly while searching on our site... if you log off before we answer, our reply will be waiting for you in this section.


Our search platform can be as simple or complex as you need. To Expand the basic search, click on "More Options".


This Feature shows where each Listing on that page is located. Great way to see how close you are to the Beach! :)

Fell in Love? Setup a Showing Quickly!

The moment you've been waiting for.. you've come across the perfect home and you do not want to waste a single moment. Click "Contact Agent" to schedule a Private Showing.


Last but certainly not least... if you run into any problems, have questions or concerns, you can chat with us Instantly by going to the "Contact Us" page and clicking on the "Chat with Us" Icon.

We hope this short guide has helped!

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